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1). Help - I’ve never ordered a sign before, and don’t know where to start!

First of all, look through our galleries to give you ideas on the sign you would like to have made, then if you can give us some idea of the size of the sign that you require, and the purpose of the sign, that will be a great start!  You can then fill in the contact form with general information and we can get you started on quoting and designing your sign!

2). How can I get a quote?

Fill in the contact information which is found on each page, or call us to speak directly to one of our designers who will be happy to help you. Please note that we do not charge for quotes!

 3). Can you match the Pantone colors in our logo?

Pantone colors are made specifically for print items, and paint colors are different .  Although we can get as near as possible to pantone colors, the match will not be exact.  Usually there is a nominal charge for pantone color matches.

 4). What materials are available for signs?

This varies, depending upon what the sign is for, but our designers will suggest the right type of materials for your particular job.

5). What type of file do you need to create my sign?

We, like most people in the sign industry use vector art. This is to say each item within the graphic whether it is a shape or a letter is an independent item in it's own right.  There are many types of vector art and we can import most of them.  The most common are .eps and .ai files, ai standing for Adobe Illustrator.  One thing to be very careful of  is that all vector art files are capable of carrying bitmapped files. So if you have a logo that is for instance a jpeg you could send it to us in an eps or an ai or even a pdf file but it is still a bitmapped file. If you think about a photograph, it has lots of components in it but they are all part of the same thing.  It is not possible to separate them.  That is what we are talking about. (it is possible to have a layered bitmap from a program like photoshop but they are still bitmaps and still have to be converted into vector art) If you have a professional design and create your logo, it should be given to you in at least two bitmap formats and three vector formats. If they didn't, ask them to.

6) If I can't get that type of file can you still make my sign?

Yes, we can, although there will be a nominal charge for converting the artwork.

7). Will you help me design my sign?

Absolutely,  There is no charge for our quotes and first design, but if we have to change the designs repeatedly, management reserves the right to charge for design work.

8). I have your quote and am ready to order the sign – what should I do?

Please contact us by telephone when we will confirm your order and contact details and make arrangements for a deposit to be sent to us.

9). Will I see a proof of my sign before you make it?

We will send a proof to you for you to sign and email back to us before we start on your sign.   This stops any mistakes being made on either part!

10.) What is your normal production time?

This depends upon the size of the sign to be made and the quantity of production on hand at that particular time, but typically itis three to five weeks.

11) What is your returns Policy?

If we have made a mistake of any kind we will correct that mistake at our cost without question; however because we create custom signs we have to have some strict guidelines.

We do not accept any returns of custom signage unless there has been a mistake made by us. Any sign (of any type) that is to be returned must be delivered to us within 10 days of you receiving it.  We will pay the shipping cost to you but  from you to us will be at our dicretion.
We must be informed by telephone first and an RMA number must be issued to you, or if by email you must have a reply from us aknowledging the return, any sign arriving without prior notice will either be refused or if accepted may be shipped back to you again. If you then refuse the sign it will return to us but you will not receive any refund.
You will always have final artwork of the sign before we manufacture it and payment of a deposit is accepance that you have aproved the artwork and accept the contract. (Unless there is a written trail to show ongoing revisions ) .
Please remember to check artwork very carefully, customers often have signs with deliberate misspellings and  plays on words . Once the art is approved we will make the sign as shown.

12). Can you do a rush job for me if I need my sign quickly?

Yes we can, but there is a charge for a rush.  please call us for information.

13). Our business is in a different state – do you ship signs?

Yes we do.  All depending upon the size, we use UPS or YRC.

14). Do you have a catalogue?

As all of our signs are completely custom made, we found that a catalog was a difficult thing to put together, so we suggest you look through our galleries, and if you do not see what you are looking for, please contact one of our designers either by email or telephone and they will be happy to help you. If you require a catalog for our cast signs, then one is available and can be faxed to you.

15). How do I install my sign?

If required, installation instructions can be sent with each sign.  This will be inside the sign package.

16) Copyright: Do I own the copyright on the artwork used on my sign or the sign itself?

If the art work is supplied to us by yourself then it is definitely yours, (as long as you have not missappropriated it from anywhere else).  If we design either a logo, corporate ID a whole sign or part of a sign, it is the property of Signblasters & Classsic Signs and remains so unless specified as a separate line item in an official invoice from us. The purchase of a sign is not the purchase of the design.

We often spend many hours developing designs for signs. That costs us money. If someone then takes one of our designs and gets a quote from another sign company; that company has not had the expense of several hours developing and designing the sign and therefore, can easily underbid us.

Please understand it is now very easy to get a photograph sent to us via email, if you take our design and have it made by another company, that is theft of our property and we will send you a bill for the design and the time it takes us to find you have cheated us. If you do not pay that we will file suit. It is regrettable we have to do this but we cannot and will not provide free designs to save a few people or organizations money.

If you have any questions not answered above, call one of our designers on 1 800 948 4307 who will be able to help you!




























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