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Hand Painted Signs

Hand-painted signs
For a more rustic feel, we can hand paint your sign!
Manufactured by: Classic Signs and Signblasters, an award-winning family business creating signs for the Eastern seaboard of the USA and the Caribbean.

Hand Painted House Signs & Custom Painted Plaques

Very few signs look so attractive as a hand-crafted and hand-painted sign; either for your business, house, cabin, or vacation home. The problem is that with the oxidizing qualities of the sun, even with several clear coats, the hand-painted qualities will start to deteriorate, and unfortunately so will the wood.

There is an answer to this problem which I discuss lower down the page.

bramble border collie islington molded hdu signblank with hand painted border collie from classic signs nc 220x293Nearly all of our signs have an element of hand painting on them, but the signs on this page have more hand painting and hand lettering than not.

These hand-painted signs cover many different types of signs from wooden hand-lettered signs to hang in or around your home to commissioned pictures of farms and vacation homes. There is even a hand-painted sign picturing the historical house it announces.

We also design and create hand-painted business signs.

beach sceen molded hdu signblank hand painted classic signs nc 160x195Many more hand-painted and hand-lettered signs can be seen in the "hand-painted" photo gallery.

This page includes information relating to hand-painted wood signs, and hand-painted HDU signs, as well as custom-painted signs on many different substrates.

Often this type of sign is referred to as country signs, and welcome signs tend to be made from materials that appear to be natural. Today we have the advantage of having materials to hand that look and feel exactly like wood but will withstand the weather and last for a very long time.

Let's think about our Planet for a moment.

Look at the picture to the left, click on it if you like to enlarge it, the wood grain appears to be totally authentic because the mold we create emulates the original to a microscopic degree. What that means to you is no one will know that your sign is not made of wood, even if they pull out a magnifying glass.

Any real hand-painted wooden signs worth a fig will not be made out of a renewable wooden resource; ie: pine. If the wood grows very fast it will rot just as quickly, so by definition, any hand-painted wooden sign should be made from old-growth wood which we are losing too fast at present.

Ok, we understand there is a certain style associated with owning a real wooden sign, but please remember every time we make a hand-painted sign or any other sign that doesn't use real wood we are helping to save our planet.

{gallery width=200 height=157 alignment=right}allsign/molded_cast_hdu_sign_blank_zoom_to_wood_grain_classic_signs_nc_630x494.jpg{/gallery}They still age like real wood they just age more gracefully.

And of course, if it's a hand-painted sign on real wood you want, then that's what we shall make for you.

Contact us so we can find the best type of wood or wood substitute for your sign.



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Some of what we create on a regular basis

Signs we manufacture are used for but limited to: Business signs, shops signs, restaurant signs, condominium Signs, subdivision signs, golf course signs, street signs, housings development signs, salon signs, beauty parlor signs, real estate signs, commercial signs, industrial signs, house signs, farm signs, beach house signs, resort signs, traffic signs, hotel & inn signs, pub signs, vehicle signs, interior & ada signs, boat signs, truck signs, office signs professional signs, trail signs wall sign, entrance signs, lobby signs, street name signs, outdoor signs, custom signs, mall signs, retail signs , marina signs, architectural signs.

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