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Below is a sample of three of our pages that cover most signage required by communities. POA's & HOA's If what you are looking for is not here it will probably be somewhere else within this site. If you can't find it give us a call or use the forms to the left and we will show you where to look or if it's new to help you achieve your project.

Community Entrance Signs

Custom & DOT style traffic Signage

Custom and Standard Street Name signs

Community Entrance Signs.

Wholesale pricing for Community POA's and HOA's

ballybunion park pvc flag community sign classic signs nc 290x000We apply wholesale discounts to community Associations of all types and sizes, we are confident you will like our signs and we appreciate repeat business, so we give wholesale discounts upfront.

sandblasted hdu 23kt gold and copper leaf academy sign2 classic signs nc 320x24030 years of experience creating expertly crafted well-designed signs for communities large and small.

 We are willing to assist you with your project through conception, design, material recommendation & specification, construction, as well as contracting site preparation and installation if required.

Vandal, Animal, Weather & Childproof resistant Signs.

We have a range of indestructible signs that look exactly like 3 dimensional carved or routed wooden signs that will last for 100+ years. We are the only sign manufacturing company in the USA that does this in-house.(learn more).

This family-owned business can ship anywhere.

Community and Subdivision Signs

An entrance sign for your subdivision or community is usually the first and last impression for visitors to your community. A well-made, beautifully designed entrance sign enhances the whole area and gives an impression that the community is cared for and that its residents are proud to be living there, giving them a sense of pride and something to appreciate.orchard falls 2 community sub division sign hdu sandblasted 23kt gold classic signs nc 300x169

Entrance signs can be part of a comprehensive sign plan. Through consistent design and colors, directional and informational signage can be easily identified by visitors and guests making it simple to move around the community for potential buyers as well as visitors

It's surprising how a consistent signage theme can visually tie the whole development together and even define its boundaries, enhancing the whole community.

hearthfield hdu custom swirled gold leaf letters community subdivision sign classic signs nc 200x141Classic Signs takes pride in building your custom-made community entrance sign using high-quality materials and paints by qualified staff with great design and award-winning capabilities. We can also use your designs to capture your community's image and ambiance. We have made subdivision signs for many years and are proud to show you our gallery of community entrance signs.

We also are experienced in making custom street signs and posts and signs for traffic control for communities and resorts which can be customized with your logo to provide consistency throughout your development.scotts glen sandblasted sign prismatic 23kt gold letters classic signs nc 300x169

Other pages within this site to look for ideas for community signs:

Follow the link below to see this full page


saddlebrook 3in deep sandblasted HDU sign with woodgrain effect 3 signblasters com 320x240 saddlebrook 3in deep sandblasted HDU sign with woodgrain effect sml signblasters com1024x768290x000 sandblasted hdu community entrance sign 23kt gold leaf classic signs nc 320x240


Custom & DOT style traffic Signage

Standard DOT Type Traffic Signs plus a couple not so standard

In private subdivisions and communities, there are several choices for controlling and directing traffic.

  • Standard DOT type signage utilizes reflective material for both the foreground as well as the background and is available in two main types or levels of reflectivity. Engineer grade, this has been around since the '30s and Diamond/ prismatic high intensity which I believe was first invented in the late '60s/'70s. These work very well and are needed on main roads where signs have to be very clear and readable in the worst weather. Functional but institutional and not very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Next for communities where you still want signs to be seen at night but you want them to be a little softer on the eye and maybe have some style about them. There are many signs that fit this description and as long as the text or message of the sign is clearly readable it isn't so important to have the background reflective as well. This leaves the door open to many choices. For the most part, we manufacture dimensional traffic signs; that is where the background is lower than the foreground or vise-versa.

school bus stop sandblasted community sign classic signs nc 220x180ish

Routing, sandblasting, or laminating are three of the main options

All of these dimensional signs can have reflective letters and text but only some of them can have a reflective background as well. As stated earlier it isn't so important to have the background reflective. The sign can still be very readable without that. 

NB. Please note you can utilize any color you want for your directional signs but when it comes to things like STOP signs and similar you should stay with a standard red background. There have been precedents set where a community used blue or green for their STOP signs and when an accident happened they were successfully sued by the persons involved because it didn't look like a STOP sign.

We have many years of experience dealing with this type of signage and are always willing to share our expertise with our clients at no charge.

 Please call us for pricing and we will have them delivered to your door or installed if that is your preference.

Follow the link below to see this full page

Standard DOT Type Traffic Signs plus a couple not so standard


victoriana stop sign with finial base fluted post st signs 150x240 cart crossing cast hdu or polyester golf sign from signblasters nc220x180ish victoriana speed limit sign base finial fluted post sign backer classic signs nc 152x240



Street Name Signs

mid south sandblasted street name sign wood grain victorian pole classic signs nc 200x150forest creek molded redwood like hanging st sign classic signs nc 180x261

Street name signs can be made from many different substrates, each giving a different quality to your development.

sandblasted HDU street name sign classicsigns nc small

One of the first things a visitor to your community will see as they are looking for a residence is the street sign. Whether they are a prospective purchaser of the property or just visiting, the image your street name signs create will be very important to how your whole community is perceived.

community st sign with 3d town emblem classic signs nc290x000

We are often asked to add the community or towns logo to customized signs. Above in 

fairwoods sandblasted street signs classic signs nc 200x150

the "Children at Play "sign is sandblasted into the sign itself. However to the right that option wasn't possible so we made a small sandblasted emblem and then reproduced hundreds of them molded/cast in polyester which is very hard and durable, the street sign blade it is attached to is heavy gauge aluminum double sheeted with white reflective diamond grade and then overlaid with translucent brown to create a street sign that is completely reflective and yet it still has a three-dimensional city logo.

golf community custom neigborhood street sign classic signs nc 320x240

To the right shows part of a community entrance sign and the street name sign in the foreground, with a custom neighborhood sign and a custom stop sign behind

Here are a few pictures of the street signs we have provided for different communities.

Follow the link below to see this full page

Street Name Signs




victoriana stop sign with finial base fluted post st signs 150x240 victorian style st name and stop sign classic signs nc small victorian style st sign lamp post reflective signs classic signs nc 160x273

Custom community and traffic signs are a specialty of our company. We can custom mold and cast signs that will give consistency throughout a development whether commercial or residential, which can be designed with different textured backgrounds, with your logo, or if you like a special shape of the sign, we can custom cast those too! Custom cast signs will come with a flat area made for a vinyl application, so the signs can be used in various different areas.


For further information on these and many more signs, please call us on 1 800 948 4307.

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