Lobby and Reception Signs

Custom Letters, custom logos, for receptions, lobbies and waiting areas

skin care custom cut mirror finish letters from classic signs nc200x150The lobby or entrance hall of a business, school or other facility is a fitting place for your organizations id sign, the name of the company or facility in the reception area lets visitors know they have arrived and reinforces the corporate identity in the visitor's mind.

attorneys sign  custom cut gold Letters classic signs nc 296x187



These signs often consist of (or have the appearance of) metal letters, custom cut logos, organization emblems, sandblasted signs, routed or carved logos or a myriad of other possibilities. The Spa is a mirror finish silver and the Clarke is a brushed brass/gold; both look very professional.



edgelit sign custom made 5ftx7ft with 300 high intensity leds to light it classic signs nc 190x216One of our specialties is creating large edglit reception signs

Most edglit signs are no bigger than 36 ins. in one dimension, because light doesn't like to travel too far inside glass or acrylic. However as you can clearly see here we can make it work in a five foot by seven foot piece. It gets a lot of attention and looks very .... it works. The frames can be designed to fit any decor, traditional or contemporary. This one has both.

There are many other types of entrance, reception and lobby signs and we can create or design and create anything you require, from a ground sign directing people to the area they are looking for, to interchangeable company directories call us and Classic Signs will help you design the perfect sign for your lobby and reception area.



wachovia brass faced custom letters classic signs nc 220x100Jpg

ralph lauren london 1 custom sign prismatic letters brushed bground classic signs nc 320x240

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