Nov 1

Making a Sandblasted Beach house Sign with an Attitude

This sandblasted HDU (high density urethane) dimensional sign is for a Beach House named "The Twisted Fish"

To start we cut out the two component parts, top:1" thick, bottom 1.5" thick. Then applied the sandblast stencil and...

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Nov 8

 Making a Vertical Grain Sandblasted & Routed Cedar Sign

Our customer wanted a sign produced form one solid redwood panel 2' x 10" . We found a few pieces that might have worked but not only were they several thousand dollars, when I explained that it would be most unlikely for any...

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Oct 14

Creating two sets of HDU Capstones 36 feet wide

The routed and formed HDU entrance signs for Calvert City

We were asked if we could quote on a couple of 12 ft. wide by 3 ft. high routed HDU monument signs for a city in western Kentucky. That wasn't so unusual but then they asked...

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Oct 9

laser cut and engraved signs part 1 

 Mouse over any thumb-nail below to see the file name. Click on any thumb-nail to see full size


Our new laser machines allow us to create and produce lots of new and different types of signs...

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Oct 1

Making a Sandblasted Condominium Sign with a Sunset

This sandblasted HDU (high density urethane) dimensional sign is for a condominium Association in Florida. They were wanting something that was long lasting and more importantly would withstand the harsh Floridian sunshine for as...

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Sep 30

House and Farm Signs with Animals and Specific Breeds

Sometimes we are asked to create signs portraying very specific breeds of animal and even actual animals. 

We try to stay away from painting pictures of actual animals for reasons I gave in my last blog. Why you shouldn't have...

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Sep 27

Sandblasted House and Home signs

Memorable signs that aren't "Over the top"

This is about some of the sandblasted home signs we have created over the last year or so, I always try to make my signs memorable with out getting too large or flashy,  And adding pictures to a sign can...

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Sep 16

Sugar Mountain Part Two

Sugar Mountain a Police shield and Town seal

A Crest for the wall of the Town Council Chamber and a large

Police Shield for the Wall of the Station

These crests and shields are always fun to create.

We have spent several months creating a new look and...

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bottom collage Lauren 1a 364x168

Some of what we create on a regular basis

Signs we manufacture are used for but limited to: Business signs, shops signs, restaurant signs, condominium Signs, subdivision signs, golf course signs, street signs, housings development signs, salon signs, beauty parlor signs, real estate signs, commercial signs, industrial signs, house signs, farm signs, beach house signs, resort signs, traffic signs, hotel & inn signs, pub signs, vehicle signs, interior & ada signs, boat signs, truck signs, office signs professional signs, trail signs wall sign, entrance signs, lobby signs, street name signs, outdoor signs, custom signs, mall signs, retail signs , marina signs, architectural signs.

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