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Sandblasted Signage

3 Dimensional Sandblasted Signs

camp ground entrance sign sandblasted hdu woodgrain effect prismatic letters classic signs nc1280x1024

Sandblasted 3 dimensional signs are a large part of our day to day production, we use various substrates from HDU (high density urethane) to real all 'heart vertical grain redwood" and cedar, we never use construction grade redwood for sandblasted signs.

There are many other materials we will blast for signage purposes, a list of some of them is lower down this page.

HDU, which can be carved or sandblasted is a very versatile medium to work with and lasts for a long time. Thus giving you, the customer a higher quality sign that will last much longer; (indefinitely if it is kept painted) than its wooden equivalent.

sandblasted hdu custom jewelry signs gold paint woodgrain effect hawkins & hawkins classic signs nc 320x240

saddlebrook 3in deep sandblasted HDU sign with woodgrain effect 3 signblasters com 320x240We at Classic are very proud of the fact that we have created some amazing signs with different layers and types of sandblasting, from multi level sandblasting to woodgrain behind hand carved appliques and letters on the same sign, which really gives a wonderful 3D effect. Our staff have designed some exceptional sandblasted signs which can be found all over the country.


square pond2 community entrance signs 3d hdu 23kt gold leaf classic signs nc 320x240

elite homes sandblasted hdu sign with steel skeleton reinforcing classic signs nc 200x213

We can design your 3d sandblasted sign project for you keeping to budgets and giving you your business or organization the perfect sign.

Sign background Texture

The most comon background textures created when sandblasting HDU dimensional signs are "stone" (chapel sandblasted sign) and "woodgrain" (etheridge sandblasted sign) effect; the first is what high density urethane looks like when sandblasted normally. The second "woodgrain" is created when the sign is sandblasted through piano wire streched across the face of the sign.


Below is an example of a sandblasted / etched mirror and a small glass panel, part of several we did for a local restaurant

sandblasted mirrors and glass panels golf restaurant sign pinehurst classic signs 220x180ish

We built our first woodgrain tool 26 years ago after the owner gave up pouring the urethane to create a material that had a grain in it just like wood. It wasn't that he didn't succeed it's just that each sheet of hdu would have been 11 times the price of a standard production sheet. 

Our first grain tool was 3ft. across; since then we have built them to accomodate most signs up to 10.5ft wide.

Materials we Sandblast for 3d signs:

  • Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Old growth Pine
  • Most hard woods (soft woods are hard to blast 
    and rot much quicker).
  • Cement
  • Bricks
  • Pavers
  • Marble
  • Field Stone
  • Glass
  • HDU (high Density Urethane)




pinehurst national 9 security gate community signs sandblasted 3d sign classic signs nc320x240


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etheridge landscaope sandblasted hdu changeable copy woodgrain hdu classic signs nc 200x143



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