Pet and animal signs | pictures, custom paintings, sayings & quotations to do with animals

 We have many Pet and Animal quotations and sayings that we paint or print onto signs. These can be for outside or inside use (If you order a house sign with a pet or animal on it it will automatically be for outside use, however, if you order one of our Pet / Animal quotations with or without a portrait you must let us know if it's an outside sign. Outside signs have to have different paints.

bramble border collie islington molded hdu signblank with hand painted border collie from classic signs nc 220x293

bramble border collie zoom islington molded hdu signblank with hand painted border collie from classic signs nc 320x240This is a small house sign with a portrait of the owners' dog on it. 

"Bramble" the dog has since passed away but still sits by the front door of the house in England

hand painted custom pet sign with owners dogs classic signs nc320x240

Windswept farm sandblasted hdu farm sign with hand painted emblem classic signs nc320x240


 Hand Painted signs










Portraits of the owners' dogs

cast molded=hdu sign hand painted lighthouse beach scene classic signs nc320x240









Gulls in North Carolina and a Horse Farm with foxes, Sandblasted Signs


pembroke pines sandblasted house sign with pembroke corgi classic signs nc 220x180ish

 Pembroke Corgi and his friend sandblasted house sign with 23 kt. gold leaf letters

(click photo to see full size)

bears creek sandblasted cabin house sign from classic signs nc251x189 cornerstone farm hdu routed farm sign 23kt gold leaf with fox classic signs nc 220x180ish boomgarden sandblasted house home sign boxer dog painting classic signs nc 246x260
Bear Sandblasted Sign Fox routed and carved sign Boxer Sandblasted Sign

butt sandblasted hdu custom house sign from classic signs nc 220x165 davis sandblasted house sign from classic signs nc debruin sandblasted house sign from classic signs nc 320x240
Bird Sign Heron 

Sandblasted Sign

Polar BearSandblasted Sign

elliot sandblasted house home sign carved bass stone hdu finish from classic signs nc 320x240

Large Mouthed Bass Sandblasted Sign



gerney sandblasted bichon house sign from classic signs nc 150x160 hedgewitch cottage sandblasted house home sign from classic signs nc 300x169 massimo custom sandblasted papillon house home sign classic signs nc 320x240
Poodle sandblasted Sign Hare 

Sandblasted Sign

Papillon sandblasted house sign



Raise the barzs horse farm sandblasted sign with print Classic signs nc 320x240horse farm sign double J sandblasted hdu signblastersdotcom 220x180ish

Double J Horse farm sign with the horse's images and names


Raise the Barzs horse farm sign with photo embedded 

heron unpainted house sign cast polyester classic signs nc 426x360 

Molded and cast Sandblasted Sign

for an HOA. 68 signs cast in polyester were individually painted and numbered for each home


Below is a list of Pet and animal-related quotations & sayings for you to choose from.

















More to come soon!





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bottom collage Lauren 1a 364x168

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