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There could well be as many types of medical office signs as there are medical offices, and we at Classic can help you portray the type of medical office you want to be seen as. Your sign and its design are usually the first thing a patient sees when passing or visiting your medical facility and the overall feel of the type of medical office you run can be created in those first few seconds. Do you want a mother and her sick child to feel welcomed into the comfortable atmosphere of the family doctor? Or perhaps you are a specialist where patients want to see and feel hi-tech and state-of-the-art.
bioclinical concepts sandblasted hdu sign from classic signs nc 220x180ish

It's how you feel about your medical facility and your signage should reflect how you see your practice.

Whatever type of medical office you have, and whether you portray a relaxed family atmosphere or a hi-tech feel in your medical facility signs must be simple clear, and in no way confusing.

exam room molded doctors office medical sign classic signs nc 200x150

Medical offices can be a maze to a lot of people, so directory signs in larger medical offices are very useful.

carolina skin care custom silver mirror finish lettering clasic signs nc 1024x768 220x180ish

Every medical office is different and we have found interviewing 10 patients and 1 receptionist often gives a better idea of what is needed than interviewing 5 doctors; no insult there ladies and gentlemen it's just that you spend most of your time where it's needed, looking after your patients.

sandhills center hdu monument sign with appliqued 3d letters classic signs nc 200x150

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Classic Signs can help your office by designing and providing you with a complete and comprehensive sign plan for your building. Please call us on 1 800 948 4307 to speak with one of our experienced designers.

edgelit sign custom made 5ftx7ft with 300 high intensity leds to light it classic signs nc 190x216

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