Vehicle, Truck, and Trailer Signs

This type of sign can be for trucks, and tractor-trailers all the way to a 6" sign on a bicycle. It can be permanent, semi-permanent, temporary, or removable (magnetic) so you can use it when you want to.furguson farm vinyl truck lettering classic signs nc 220x180ish

The best and longest-lasting is to mask the vehicle and paint the sign with proper automotive paints and clear coats. Almost no one does that anymore, it's too expensive, and when you want to sell the vehicle it can't be removed, reducing the resale value.

Vinyl is the best option for most It can be warranted for up to 8 years with a longer life expectancy than that and it can be removed later if required.

Digital prints and wraps are only warranted for 3-4 years and can be very expensive, I'm not saying they're no good but for many, the cost is too much. 

box truck decals classic signs nc 220x180ish

The first wrap you ever saw you stared at and studied because it was so new. How many do you look at today? So many wraps are so complex (graphically speaking ) that you see them but have no idea what they are promoting, I have seen some that as I followed through traffic I tried to see what it was advertising and I never did find out, someone spent $2-3,000 and wasted their money. There are some rules of signage and the use of color that shouldn't ever be taken lightly.
vinyl numbers vintage race car classic signs nc 320x240

Better to keep it simple, What you do is very important for most businesses or trades even more so than your name to start with. Then contact information, logos are important if you have several vehicles and you want brand recognition, but not essential. Put yourself in the position of a customer. How often do you look for just a logo when you are looking for a new supplier? Remember signs are for those folks who have never read your sign before, after that it will be ignored. Vehicle signage is probably the cheapest and best advertising you will ever find, and yet it's only for folks who have never seen you before. They'll be subconsciously asking a few questions during those short, precious seconds it takes for them to see your truck. Here's what they are:

specialty pharmacy vehical lettering sign classic signs nc 220x180ish


What do they do?

Do they work in my area?

How do I get in touch with them?

What's their name?

My, what a nice logo!

Give them all that and you have new customers.


 vinyl truck lettering classic signs nc 320x240 deputy dawg food trailer vinyl didgital print classic signs nc 320x240








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Signs we manufacture are used for but limited to: Business signs, shops signs, restaurant signs, condominium Signs, subdivision signs, golf course signs, street signs, housings development signs, salon signs, beauty parlor signs, real estate signs, commercial signs, industrial signs, house signs, farm signs, beach house signs, resort signs, traffic signs, hotel & inn signs, pub signs, vehicle signs, interior & ada signs, boat signs, truck signs, office signs professional signs, trail signs wall sign, entrance signs, lobby signs, street name signs, outdoor signs, custom signs, mall signs, retail signs , marina signs, architectural signs.

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