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Sandblasted three-dimensional wooden signs are a large part of our day-to-day production, we use various substrates including real all 'heart vertical grain redwood" and Western red cedar, and when asked for it Eastern red cedar (It doesn't look or blast as nicely as WRC). We never use construction grade redwood for sandblasted signs, I realize many companies say "well it's redwood it's OK for signage". but it isn't and you will regret it in 5-6 years

 vIncentian Home sandblasted redwood sign classic signs nc 320x240

 cedar sandblasted cabin RV sign 320x240

Simple cedar crafted sand-carved signs made from 3/4" cedar for lake homes, cabins, RV, & Campsites

sandblasted cedar natural finish weathered edge schumacher classic signs nc 220x180ish

Sandblasted western Red Cedar property sign with tooled edges to create a driftwood effect.

Note:  Notice how even the colors of the natural pieces of cedar are in this sign compared to the Eastern cedar sign below.

cedar sandblasted sign from classic signs nc 180x223
This is Eastern Red Cedar and there is a lot more white wood which is fine if that's the look you want as it was here.


New growth redwood actually grows faster than pine; pine rots very quickly when open to the elements. The lower quality grades of redwood will rot very quickly. Old Growth heart redwood whether its vertical grain or not should last at least 25+ years. properly painted 35-50 years. I have seen construction-grade redwood rot in 7 years. As they say, do the math. Unfortunately both WR Cedar and Redwood are now very expensive, but still worth it.

Wooden sandblasted signs.

In recent years the use of wood for sandblasted wooden signs has waned, generally due to the high price of quality redwood and cedar. there is a good supply of second-rate redwood about but the availability of the old-growth redwood is severely diminished. Cedar has gone up in price a lot this year (2019) but it is still reasonable enough to build signs.

Sandblasted wooden signs gallery

 troy clear all heart redwood sandblasted sign with appliqued logo and letters from classic signs nc320x240

There are different grades of redwood and cedar and Classic Signs uses the highest grade possible for its sandblasted wooden signs so you end up with a sign that lasts for years.


 jordan  clear all heart redwood sandblasted sign side view from classic signs nc 200x183

We have 30 years experience in design and manufacture to provide you with the perfect sandblasted wooden sign for your project.

The Jordan signs pictured on the right were installed on a custom made stepped base and a shingle roof was constructed over them. The signs themselves are sandblasted all heart vertical grain redwood and are 6' tall and 14' long.Marble slab all heart vertical grain sandblasted redwood Classic Signs NC 300x132






Pine is generally full of resin and rather soft so it doesn't blast very well. However this company produces yellow pine and so we reverse blasted this desk center panel, we have also blasted the tops of pine briefcases for the same company.


BTW the low key/contrast was intentional

sandblasted yellow pine door for desk front It was meant to be subtle classic signs nc

 sandblasted wooden signs photo gallery


sandblasted cedar natural finish weathered edge schumacher hours classic signs nc 220x180ish sandblasted cedar natural finish weathered edge schumacher main sign classic signs nc 220x180ish
sandblasted cedar natural finish weathered edge schumacher reserved parking classic signs nc 220x180ish sandblasted cedar natural finish weathered edge schumacher max penalty 250 classic signs nc 1024x704 220x180ish
sandblasted cedar natural finish weathered edge schumacher model open classic signs nc 220x180ish sandblasted cedar natural finish weathered edge zoom schumacher main sign classic signs nc 220x180ish

sandblasted cedar weathered effect schumacher builders sign trade partners signblastersdotcom 220x180ishThis is a collection of signs we made for a customer that wanted the natural driftwood look but still had to have the right contrast so the signs could do their job...... Be easy to read!


Below are two sets of relevant links to other pages on this site that may be helpful to you.

Directly below are links to other pages on different types of dimensional signs and below that are links to photo galleries relating to those types of signs.




nation wide sandblasted cedar sign classic signs nc320x240




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